Ultimate Survival Kit for Fashion Week

Posted: Sep 06 2013

As we all know NYFW is taking place...if your like us your bummed your not attending this year but it's never too early to prepare. We've got the top 10 must-haves for your 'Ultimate Survival Kit for Fashion Week'.

1. A cute pair of flats:...flats I know usually we would say 'eek no' BUT of course you can start out wearing your 5 inch heels but mid-way through the day you wont be feeling as ambitious as you once were at 7 am. Your feet would definitely appreciate you giving them a break.

2. Sunglasses are a must: Wearing sunglasses (Outside I must add...I know it's fashion week but unless your Anna Wintour..get over yourself) is just as important as wearing SPF! Plus your saving yourself hundreds of dollars in botox. 

3. Business cards: Whether your a designer, a publicist, or just a fashion guru you should always have business cards. There is nothing worse than when your at one of the biggest networking events and you go to give someone a card....and you don't have one! So just to be on the safe side re-stock the night before ; ).

4. Bring a layering piece: A jacket,scarf,sweater whatever it may be. Most likely the AC will be cranked up and there is nothing worse than being cold while trying to enjoy your favorite designers show. It's so much better to be prepared than wishing you could snuggle up with the person sitting next to you. 

6. Notebook/Pen: Trust us your going to write some stuff down! 

7. Minty Fresh: Feeling like you have bad breathe is the worst when networking and meeting new faces. Keep a pack of mints close.

8.Tide Pen: So I'm sure this has happened to you before...a pen mark on your pants, a lip stick smudge on your sleeve, foundation on your neckline...keep a tide pen on hand just in case some type of spot decides to show up on the middle of your blouse. 

9.Tote it up! If your unsure of what bag to bring ...in this case bigger is better! Bring a large tote because between your flats, sunglasses, jacket, notebook and everything else your going to need the extra space.  

10. Share with us! Leave us a comment with what you think should be #10 on the 'Ultimate Survival Kit for Fashion Week' for a chance to win a $25 gift card to the site...we will pick a winner next Thursday 9/18. 

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